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“Strategic, award-winning content development at a competitive rate
with on-demand

Who We Are

Buzz Interactive is a new media company specializing in Internet Design, Online Advertising and Custom Application development. Buzz Interactive is located in Toronto and we have been successfully in business since 1996.


We have a proven process for development and quality assurance. Many parts of the process are iterative, especially during the design and planning phases. This flexibility in procedure allows for constant review and improvement, even during the course of rapid development.

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What We Do

The services we offer include;
  • Graphic, Web & Mobile Design
  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Strategic Support & Consulting
  • Brand Management, Design and Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Online Advertising
  • Custom Digital Signage & Kiosk Applications
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
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Deployment Strategy


The DMDS deployment strategy is simple and eliminates long processes by including;
  • Content, software, reporting and a managed solution — one stop shopping
  • Custom online approval process
  • Simple, robust architecture

A custom web based application that is used for client access, acceptance and a host of dynamic features and functions, including;

  • Tiered access
  • Scheduled previews
  • Online approval process
  • XML - editable dynamic content
  • Graphical representation of signage locations
  • Real time status reporting
  • Customizable tools
Content Development

The DMDS has been developed to support all forms of digital media now, and into the future, Buzz Interactive are specialists at content development for all digital signage solutions.
We support all relevant formats, including;

  • Flash
  • MPEG
  • Digital Video
  • Real Time Data
  • Streaming Video
  • Video Conferencing
  • HDTV
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In Conclusion

DMDS does more for you than any other marketing tool available today.

  • A marketing revolution
  • Speed of delivery and the flexibility to schedule media files to multiple display devices
  • Scheduled, automated updates
  • Full system logging and reporting
  • 100% error free file verification
  • The elimination of on-site user error
  • Total control of branding consistency
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Cuts long term costs
  • Supports a wide range of media formats
  • Environmentally friendly